THE MOST COSY way to start a tourist day was with a basic top from H&M, a skinny ripped jeans and a big, big scarf which actually feels like a big cosy blanket :-). We got the perfect weather in Rom. Ideal to go out without a jacket. But since we stay all day in the city I took the scarf with me. At night becomes a little bit colder, so it was a good idea to take something with you.

Since we travel a few times during the year, I don’t want to look like the “typical” tourist, which means:

  • a typical blue jeans (not ripped!)
  • run shoes (which is actually a good idea, but a stylish pair please!)
  • backpack
  • sports jackets
  • water bottle

For those who like it, no problem. But for me? I prefer a stylish tour, so I feel good. I’m sure some of you have the same opinion like mine. What do you think about? Should I do a h e l p post for you, if you have problems to pack your bags for vacation? Just comment below guys!

I thank you for your comments, if you have any question – please contact me! bisous.

top h&m (similar here)
scarf zara (similar here)
jeans brandy (similar here)
shoes converse
necklace asos (similar here)
watch DW

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