Good Morning from home!! It’s the weekend babes – and this weekend is going to be very good… But first I wanted to show you my new dress I catch on ASOS last week. I’m addicted to dresses lately – I can’t believe it, really. I was looking for an oversized dress to feel comfortable yet cool. And that’s the result of a summer, autumn kind of dress. Do you like it? I add some gold jewelry to make the look special and excited. I have to say,  jewelry are totally my thing lately. Maybe some of you guys have already noticed, I was very simple some years ago – OK I’m still simple and clean, but a little bit more wild, since I changed my hair color and style. So I can totally recommend you to believe in yourself and to try new looks or make a hair change – your whole life will change.

Talking about my hair, thank you guys for your compliments about my long hair and color. That makes me feel so good, so I would like to help you too. Many of you still ask me about my waves and I already told you many times, but I can understand that you sometimes missed a post or something like that. Therefore I will say it here again. I use the babyliss 38mm for my waves, after I’m done I use the loreal hairspray step 3.

Now I have a lot of things to do till afternoon and later I will go to the STYLIGHT Summer Session 2015. I hope to see you tonight? If you’re not coming, then don’t forget to follow me via Instagram @officialdressed and on snapchat @consuelopaloma for live moments!! See you there, XO.

0001-0962 0001-1028 0001-1026 0001-1006 0001-1023dress ASOS | shoes CONVERSE | bag Mango | shades RAYBAN | scarf BARRE NOIRE |
necklace ASOS | bracelet & ring THEPEACHBOX | watch DW