This look is great for city trips, it’s comfortable, stylish and sporty. Ideal if you are taking the public transport. I especially love the nike sneakers, great eye catcher!

Habt Ihr schon den nächsten Urlaub gebucht und ihr wisst nicht was ihr anziehen sollt? Ich hab die Lösung Mädels, ich habe für euch heute drei verschiedene looks zusammengewürfelt, für lange oder kurze Flüge. Chic und bequem lautet das Motto, viel Spaß! XO

Are you ready for your next vacation? Today I’m sharing great ideas with you, how to dress chic yet comfortable for a long or short flight! I hope you like this sunday craving #4 Happy shopping loves! XO



A nice look for every destination. Ideal for hot destination if you are going to have a long flight. The denim jacket is perfect for cold moments. Be sure to wear comply sneakers for rush hours. I personally love this combination and it’s one of my favorites!

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 This look is perfect for short flights like for 3 – 4 hours. It easy and chic and the best beginning for summer vacations on the beach. Your destination is usually so hot, so this is a great option :-)
  • viktoria

    Tolle Sachen! Und diese Gucci Tasche – ein Traum!