Buenos días chicas! Ya que muchas de ustedes desean un post acerca de mi peinado que lo llamo “summer beach waves” lo tengo aquí listo para ustedes! Antes de empezar les quiero dar las gracias por los piropos que me dan acerca de mi pelo. En eso soy muy perfeccionista y es una de las cosas mas importantes para mi, por lo cual cuido mucho. Para mi el pelo es una de las partes mas importante de mí, el resto siempre se combina de una manera. En las fotos pueden ver paso por paso como hago las ondas. También les dejo el producto que uso. Les recomiendo cuidar el pelo con un producto para protección contra el calor. Este peinado me ha seguido fielmente hace mas de 2 años. Todavia no me aburro de él y lo encuentro hermoso y elegante, pero admito que últimamente no lo uso mucho. De todas maneras lo recomiendo 100% nunca falla para fiestas, ocasiones especiales o para looks simples. Les deseo un lindo dia! x

Babyliss 38mm (here)
Hair spray L´Oréal (here)
Kérastase La Perfum en Huile (here)


Good Morning loves! Since my mail account is blowing up with all your questions about my hair look, I’m showing you today step by step how to get the perfect summer beach waves! Before I show you everything, I wanted to say thank you for all the sweet comments and compliments about my hair style. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my hair. This is the most important part of  me and I’m sure the hair style is one the most important part of the look you can wear. Below you can see how I make the waves and which products I use. I also recommend you to use a heat protect product before you start the hair style. This look is following me since two years now. I still love it and I think it’s a beautiful and elegant look. I admit that I don’t style them as much as I did lately, but I still love it. This is the perfect hair look for a party, special occasion or just a simple look. I wish you a great day! X

The best hairbrush ever, Ikoo. Get it here.

First step, comb through.

Step 2. Start from the upper side and take the first strand of hair.

Wait about 15 – 20 seconds. If your hair is very fine then hold it for about 10 – 15 seconds.

Step 3. The three first waves from the upper side are finished.
Don’t forget to use hair spray for a long-lasting hair look.

Step 4. Now begin with the lower part of the hair.

First side finished! Add some hair spray here too. Now let’s do the same on the other side.
First the upper side, divide it in three strands of hair.

And last but not least, care for your hair. Distribute it evenly on the hair strands and tips.
1 – 2 drops are enough.

And that’s the look. Hope you enjoy it!