This is how my desk should look like. Ok I have to admit, my desk don’t look every time like this. But I think one of the most important things is to have a desk full of inspiration. Otherwise how do you want to write or make an article for your blog? Am I right? So the MUST HAVE on a desk in my opinion are:

1. Magazines
– Every blogger should have a lot of magazines for great inspiration. No matter what kind of blogger you are, food-blogger, fitness-blogger or diary-blogger. Everybody has sometimes a blackout. So this is the perfect solution to get back to your article.

2. Noticebook
– I’m one of that person who have so many books. I don’t even know why, but I love to write little things for later. Weeks ago I read my notices and this brought me more ideas. Or if you have any time to finish you article then don’t forget to write what your inspiration was!

3. Flowers
– I know, every blogger loves flowers. But trust me, flowers are such great energy! These creature brings you to another level and if you look her for just a second then you see their beauty and transparency

4. Couple of tea
– yeah! don’t forget to drink tea. You know those moments when you are for a minute unhappy, because your articles don’t looked like you want to. Or you think its an article which looks very boring. Then drink a cup of tea and then tell me how you feel. For me works all the time.

5. Smartphone
– your phone brings a lot of information you might miss. Check some inspiration page, like instagram or one of my favorite page tumblr. I really really love tumblr. I look this page every day.

and last but not least

6. Music
– How could I write every article without music?. Honestly, If I write for my blog without music I don’t  know even  what to write. Even now I’m listening to music. I like almost every music-style.

So ladies I hope you like my post for today! I wish you a great weekend. See you in a few days, with some new collaborations. BESOS COCO X.

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